Spread good cheer!

Every order in the Tinsel & Tunes store goes to help defray the annual cost of producing a commercial-free Christmas music station. You're doing more than buying something, you're spreading cheer all around the world. Thank you for your support and helping to keep us ad-free!


The fire is roaring, the lights are low, music is playing (Tinsel & Tunes of course) and you're sipping away on your favorite beverage. We promise it will taste better in one of our soon-to-be-classic mugs or drinking vessels. Flash-forward to Christmas Day... the family is over and they're incredibly jealous of your stylish mug and/or wine glass! But they won't be for long because you've gifted one to each of them.

Hats & Head Gear

You already love Tinsel & Tunes, which shows you've got great taste. Now, keep that beautiful brain of yours warm all winter (and super stylish too!). From ball caps to beanies, we've got you "covered" all year round. (See what we did there?)